Programme "Learning Together"

Education and Arts during the Resistance

2nd Primary School of Karpenisi



The educational programme was implemented throughout the school year and enabled the revival of important historical events that took place in Karpenisi in 1944, such as the formation of the Political Committee of National Liberation, in the village of Viniani on March 10th 1944 and the first National Council that was held in Koryschades from 14th to 27th of May.

The aim of the programme was for the students, through various activities, to become acquainted with the great Greek educators of that time (1940’s) and the efforts they made to re-establish the schools, the kindergartens and the textbooks for young pupils. Additionally, children learned about the songs, the theatrical performances, the puppet theater and the artistic creations of the great artists of the time.

The pupils who participated in the programme familiarized with works of art from the 1940s onwards, learned the art of engraving and monotyping in tempera and paper and then acquired the skills needed to make their own. Following this, an exhibition of the children's works was held at the Karpenisi Convention Center. Other activities included visits to the National Resistance Museum and the Hellenic Parliament, the teaching of songs of the Greek Resistance and a puppet theater play.


Classes that participated in the activity: 4th, 5th and 6th grades

Number of participants: 77 students

Athanasiou Karpenisioti 21

361 00 Karpenisi

Τηλ: 2237022777