Programme "Learning Together"

Audiovisual Adventures in Reginohora

Reginio Primary School  



The programme "Audiovisual Adventures in Reginohora" is a product of observation and reflection on the learning profiles of the 28 students in the Reginio Primary School (Fthiotida). It aimed to develop students’ language skills as well as to reinforce their motivation for learning, with the use of audiovisual narratives. It followed the models of the three C’s (cultural, critical, creative) and critical teaching. The programme took place from November to May.

The programme achieved to improve students’ language skills through films which provided the stimulus for developing internal motivation for learning, critical thinking and meta-knowledge. Values ​​such as respect, dialogue and empathy were taught, while issues of prejudice and stereotypes were approached, especially while writing the script. The students, during the programme, also had the opportunity to broaden their horizons, to choose and to create, to think and to express themselves, to feel and to judge.

Classes involved in the activity: All grades of primary school
Number of participants: 28 students




350 09 Reginio Fthiotida

Τ: 2235061266