Programme "Learning Together"

When puppets come to life, children and adults are enchanted…

5th kindergarten of Kilkis


The aim of this program was to highlight a cultural institution that exists in Kilkis for the last 16 years and is called the "Puppet and Mime International Festival". The children became creators, authors, directors, puppet creators and puppeteers. They developed  oral communication, organized their thought and developed their imagination and creativity. Different types of puppets using a variety of materials were created by the students, aiming to launch an open exhibition at the end of the year. Puppets which were decorating the city during the International Festival were also hosted in the school for one month   


Interesting facts

The students' parents and school teachers accompanied the students, actively participating in this process, creating a puppetry team which, using the creative writing method, wrote their own play, made the puppets and scenery, composed the music and presented the play both to kindergarten children and to the entire society.

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Teacher Coordinator: Theopi Theodorakaki

1, Papagiannakou St.

61100 Kilkis

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