Programme "Learning Together"

The wine and Dionysos roads in Drama.

2nd primary school of Drama


The aim of this program was to familiarize students with Dionysus, the God of wine, through archaeological findings of their village and connect the God's rite with viticulture in the area of Drama, both in the ancient years and today. In addition, the students connected the God's rite with the origination of many customs of our area. At the same time, the students came into contact with the vine and its fruit, the grape (and therefore with the wine), discovered its importance for human beings, as well as its value to the local economy, acting as an instrument of development.


Interesting facts

Beyond the conquest of the individual cognitive and emotional objectives set, students of different ages from B and E class of primary school learned how to cooperate and seek a solution to all problems of school life in the society. The result of this cooperation was the creation and presentation of the theatrical play "The Frogs: written by Aristofanis, where God Dionysos is the central character. 

Teacher Coordinator: Eleni Smoloktou

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