Programme "Learning Together"

The carton of school memories (utilization of the school archive)

Primary school of Korissos, Kastoria


The aim of this program was to protect, arrange, classify, develop and selectively publish data from the school archive. The students of the 6th class who were directly concerned learned the importance of research as a tool to save and use historical resources. They deeply understood the process and stages of  research: they searched, supposed, compared, distinguished, revised, selected and processed old photo archives. They engaged the local society in research, by collecting photographs for the school album. They learned how to classify, organize and arrange the archive in new folders. They wondered about the teaching means and methods of the past.   


Interesting facts

The students realized the importance of preserving the past and local history through the collection of archives, which at first sight seem useless and damaged. They were excited, amused and moved while learning about their ancestors. The project's final outcome is an album called "School  memories".

Teacher Coordinator: Antonios Papadopoulos


52052 Kastoria

Tel.: +30 24670 51 443

Fax: +30 24670 51 443 (in Greek)