Programme "Learning Together"

"The broad water of Axios river" - Environmental Education Program

2nd primary school of Axioupoli


This program aimed to raise students' awareness regarding environmental problems related to water. Thus, they first studied the hydrological cycle and the factors that disturb it, after studying water's properties and its contribution to the existence and preservation of life on Earth. At the same time, the students were involved in gathering information on the importance of  water in human culture, by studying the customs and other aspects of popular culture (songs, riddles and proverbs) related to it, as well as symbolisms in Christianism and other religions, mythology and historical development. 


Interesting facts

The students, working in teams, learned the value of collaboration for the approach of knowledge and problem solving. In the cognitive sector, the students were introduced to he methodology of scientific research based on assuption, observation and experimentation. They were invited to use methodological tools and work with scientific instruments and they undertook roles in order to achieve their goals. They creatively expressed themselves by writing texts and making artistic creations. In the social sector, they acquired competences and skills that will be useful in the future to manage environmental issues they will be called to face as active citizens. They reviewed their value system, as they negotiated concepts such as collective responsibility, social cohesion and the position of modern people towards the environment. More specifically, they learned that people should not exploit natural resources thoughtlessly but they must realize that there are practices that ensure the satisfaction of needs without degrading the environment. 

Programme's Website: (in Greek)

Teacher Coordinator: Georgios Efthimiadis

Olympiados St.

61400 Axioupoli

Tel.: +30 23430 32 542