Programme "Learning Together"

RoboHarmony: The robots play, we sing.

5th Primary School of Florina "Th. Kastanos"


As part of the program's implementation, the students completed the construction of an ensemble of improvised musical instruments, by using reused materials. At the same time, with the help of the educational Lego Nxt, they assembled and programmed small robots in order to act as controlled performers of the improvised musical instruments. In order to achieve a richer musical result a two-voice student choir was created, consisting of 9 Glockenspiel. Thus, a single musical ensemble was created, aiming to play Greek songs. 


Interesting facts

Through the program's activities, ecological awareness among students was raised with the construction of improvised musical instruments with reusable materials. In addition, the students were more motivated to consider music from a theoretical aspect, as they implemented their theoretical knowledge at a computer commands level. They had the chance to come into contact with educational robotics, an innovative learning methodology, consider music in a more technical level and realize its connection with other courses and sciences. At the same time, they played simple melodies in conventional instruments (glockenspiel) and came into contact with the two-voice choral singing. The concept of collectivity and the team's dynamics were developed through a musical effort with many components.

Teacher Coordinator: Spiridon Xenitopoulos

18, Kontopoulou St.

53100 Florina

T: +30 23850 22 261

F: +30 23850 22 261