Programme "Learning Together"

"Macedonians' Treasures" over time: Swords, masks, crowns and pots enhance play and creation.

2nd all-day kindergarten of Pella 


It is a museum educational program referred to the periodic exhibition called "Macedonians' Treasures" of the Archaeological Museum of Pella. Its basic units (daily life, natural environment, history of ancient Macedonians), seen through processed sub-sections aimed to familiarize children with the Museum, introduce them to their area's past and connect the past to the present and future, as well as to awaken the senses, aesthetics and sensibility, creativity, imagination, expression, art and to develop cognitive and learning abilities and skills. The contact and acquaintance of children with new technologies that broadened and supported the creation of learning opportunities played an important role to the activity.


Interesting facts

Through various experiential activities, direct interaction with the exhibits and based on an interdisciplinary approach of knowledge, the children, performing frequent visits to the Museum of Pella and also through actions performed in their class, met and understood elements of the place's culture and history. They developed competences and skills, played and created, expressed visually and artistically, experienced the excavation and were informed about everything that happens next to the school, at the excavation place, experimented with materials and new technologies, cooperated with each other and also with their parents and the society's institutions, imagined that time and dreamed, felt and loved the exhibits, the Museum and their ancestors' civilization. They created their own book and their own museum and in this way the history of the place became their own history.

Teacher Coordinator: Vasiliki Nika

58005 Pella

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