Programme "Learning Together"

Echo from Byzantium

5th all-day primary school of Alexandroupoli


The program developed in the 5th primary school of Alexandroupoli concerned the acquaintance of E class students with the Byzantine heritage of their place and the need to highlight the byzantine monuments. The objective was to understand the importance and role of the region in the history of a significant period of the Greek history. The objectives of the educational activity regarded the realization of the need to preserve, highlight and promote the monuments, through publicity and active participation of the entire school community and all the persons concerned To achieve these objectives, new teaching approaches were used based on Information and Communication Technologies. 


Interesting facts

The students had their first visual contact with the prefecture's Byzantine monuments and learned about their place and history, using a learning method through playing, as digital games were specifically developed for this program. They visited some of the monuments and were given the chance to have personal experience through digital photo processing, painting, digital TV broadcasting, writing collaborative stories and creating a relevant documentary.

Teacher Coordinator: Petros Michailidis

Andronikou & Papanoutsou St.

68100 Alexandroupoli

Tel.: +30 25510 36 483

Fax: +30 25510 36 859 (in Greek)