Programme "Learning Together"

e-plant book

8th primary school of Kilkis


The reason for implementation of activities was the need to learn things about the environment. The students participated in the creation of a website (electronic plant book) where the area's plants appear with photos and descriptive texts. This project offered them a deeper acquaintance with the various plants of their area, as well as with the various and different ecosystems (mountain, lake, plain) that exist in their prefecture. Working in teams, they developed the potential offered by the computer, creating an elegant electronic plant book, which was published in local society as a school offer for a better acquaintance of the area. 

Interesting facts

The students started their trip to the program's implementation with introduction to the secrets of photography art. They learned the close up technique which regards the photography of flowers and plants at close range. Then, they practiced design and enrichment of a website with texts and photographs in one of the platforms available on the internet. The most interesting part, though, was  excursions in nature. The experience that students gained from the program was unique and they were given the chance to use experience and research having at the same time the chance to see the place in a different light.

Teacher Coordinator: Konstantinos Talabiris

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61100 Kilkis

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