Programme "Learning Together"

"Becoming friends"

9th primary school of Kastoria


It is a health education program that deals with diversity. Its main purpose is friendship between our school students and students from the Special Primary School. To achieve this goal, three stages were performed: the first one was information and acqauintance with diversity. The children, through experiential activities, learned that diversity is right next to us but being different is not a problem. The second one regarded daily short visits to the Special School, in order to say hello to their new friends, as well as to have a common break once a week. Finally, the students who became friends were meeting once a week in the general class,while various events took place. 


Interesting facts

The lesson for teachers was the fact that they saw our students trying to maintain a friendship. The students from both schools have a new qualitative relationship.  

Teacher Coordinator: Paraskevi Antoniou


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Tel.: +30 24670 24 657

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