Programme "Learning Together"

A Centaur…in Thrace!

Minority Primary School of Kentavros


This program was implemented by the students of C class of the Minority Primary School of Kentavros, Xanthi and constituted an interdisciplinary didactic proposal. It regarded the acquaintance and highlight of Kentavros village by the children themselves, as well as the highlight of the place's importance. In cooperation with the local society, visits to several places of the village were performed and the children met the villagers and obtained information on the daily life, customs and traditions. In addition, they learned about how life in the village was in the past and compared it to the present.  Finally, the use of new technologies at all stages of the program''s implementation offered the children- both collectively and individually- even more motivation for creative participation.


Interesting facts

The students explored and studied their place and were informed about new aspects of the village's traditions. The informative material and photographs were reflected on various activities, such as short documentaries, the traditional recipes' e-book, the calendar etc. It is clear that the bilingualism issue is of major importance in minority schools, therefore the children's involvement in the activities gave them the chance to improve their oral and written expression in Greek and enrich their vocabulary. 

Teacher Coordinator: Ioanna Papavasileiou


67300 Xanthi

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