Programme "Learning Together"

Wishing on the stars

Primary School of Emponas, Rhodes


The students of E class of primary school of Emponas, Rhodes, having shown great interest in space and celestial bodies, decided to start a fascinating exploration trip called "observing the night sky". They studied the celestial dome, worked together, learnt how to recognize constellations and brought together young and old persons who wished to see what there really is in space.  


Interesting facts

Rhodes hosted the first amateur observatory open to the public. Students were provided through the program with a telescope and are now able to admire the starry sky, record their observations and discuss them. At the same time, they are ready to organize evenings open to the public, where all the village residents will be informed and participate in their star-actions.    

Teacher Coordinator: Panagioula Veneti


85108 Rhodes

Τel.: +30 22460 41 211 (in Greek)