Programme "Learning Together"

We live in the world’s most beautiful island: in beautiful Nisyros!

Mandraki, Nisyros primary school


The program's objective was to raise awareness among Nisiros' preschool children about coast and sea polution. The seventeen students of Mandraki kindergarten in Nisiros were taught respect for the environment and individual and collective responsibilty, in order for these young children to learn to protect and respect the place where they live. 


Interesting facts

Nisyros volcano, together with Methana, Milos and Santorini volcanoes, is one of our country's active volcanoes. On the occasion of our island's volcano, the students built their own volcano using paper pulp and performed the lava experiment (vinegar combined with soda foams and overflows such as the lava itself).

Teacher Coordinator: Eleni Katrania

85303 Nisyros Dodecanese

Tel..: +30 22420 31 266

Fax: +30 22420 31 266