Programme "Learning Together"

Traditional outfit, music and dances of Cephalonia

Kindergarten of Lakithra, Cephalonia


The knowledgde of tradition leads to the knowledge of our origin, informs us on our roots and contributes to self-awareness. The implementation of the program was an opportunity to highlight the cultural, folklore and historical heritage of the island of Kefalonia. Not only students, but also their relatives (parents, grandparents and the local society) benefited from the program, since they actively participated in the program's development. Kindergarten students were given the chance to get to know authentic traditional costumes and songs of their area and to understand through role-plays the need to preserve the authenticity and intactness of local traditions throughout time. 


Interesting facts

During the implementation of this activity, the school unit was closed for about a month, due to the damage sustained by the building because of the earthquakes. The school was moved to a next door building and this did not prevent them from fully completing the educational program. 

Teacher Coordinator: Sofia Kosmatou


28100 Cephalonia

Tel.: +30 26710 42 151

Fax: +30 26710 42 151