Programme "Learning Together"

The front yard of our school: planting, learning and discovering the magic of nature

6th All-day Primary School of Kerkyra


The students' contact with the green and natural environment in general leads to the adoption of a responsible environmental behavior. The objective of this activity is to design, create and take care of a school garden based on the principles of sustainability. This process includes cooperation with specialists for the sustainable design, implementation and management of a green area, recognition and utilization of local species of Mediterranean flora, design, creation and management of a pilot school garden using rain water for irrigation, compost for fertilizing and organic methods for fighting against plants' enemies.  


Interesting facts

For this activity, the school cooperated with the TEI of Epirus, "Unit of Sustainble School and Play Areas" (Faculty of Agricultural Technology; study track: Floriculture- Landscape Architecture, Arta). The students enjoy the yard, they are divided into groups and take care of the gardens they have created, play various games and have a lot of their classes done in the outdoor classroom.    

Teacher Coordinator: Spiros Vlachopoulos

Parodos Arkadias - Elatos

49100 Kerkyra

Tel.: +30 26510 54 108

Fax: +30 26510 68 548 (in Greek)