Programme "Learning Together"

Painting the village with light

Primary School of Kontakeika, Samos


The photographic project named "Painting the village with light" regards the full contact of Primary School studentsl to the world of photography from their first contact until the final creation and exhibition of photographs taken by the students themselves.  


Interesting facts

When taking a look at children's photos, it is impossible to guess their school performance based on them. Given that there were two students diagnosed with learning difficulties, one of whom with greater difficulties, whoever attempts to distinguish them from their work will fail. This fact greatly changed the balance in class to the benefit of these students. It was perhaps the first time that these students managed to clearly gain significance in their peers' eyes, although there had never been an intention to belittle them, at least never clearly shown.   

Teacher Coordinator: Apostolos Giannakopoulos


83200 Samos

Tel..: +30 22730 33 568

Fax: +30 22730 33 568