Programme "Learning Together"

Mastic, Honey and Loukoumi

5th primary school of Ermoupolis, Syros


"Mastic, Honey and Lokum" is an educational program of local history which was implemented by students of the F class of the 1st and 4th primary schools of Ermoupolis, Syros, as well as by the students of F1 class of the 4th primary school of Ermoupolis, Syros, under the Flexible Zone, with diffusion into many more fields of knowledge (history, mathematics, information technology, language, geography). The final objective was to create a documentary that would provide the viewer with all the necessary information about the history of Ermoupolis.


Interesting facts

This action proposes the alternative teaching of local history, escaping from the school class, visiting areas of historical and cultural interest and talking to scientists, scholars etc. At the same time, the experiential way of teaching history, although more time consuming than the traditional one, may lead to a significant understanding and assimilation of the desired knowledge.   

Teacher Coordinator: Nektarios Farasopoulos

52, Iroon Polytechneiou St.

84100 Syros

Tel.:+30 22810 88 648

Fax: +30 22810 79 170 (in Greek)