Programme "Learning Together"

Magical voyage in the castle alleyways guided by the seagull and the fairy

11th kindergarten of Chios


This program aims to familiarize the students with their local history, through elements of their environment. Through the Castle, an attempt of interdisciplinary approach is made and the children come into contact with the significant monument of their area during different historical periods. They understand its contribution to the financial, cultural and social evolution of the island, familiarize themselves with traditions and customs and they intuitively perceive the continuity of cultural heritage.


Interesting facts

The Castle of Chios is located at the north of the center of Chios town and has constituted its walled core since the Genovese period.

Teacher Coordinator: Kalliope Poriotou

12, Michalou St.

82100 Chios

Tel..: +30 2271 0 22 577 (in Greek)