Programme "Learning Together"

Honey: A Sweet Experience!

Primary School of Moudros, Limnos


The students, through images, videos, experiential activities, songs and games got to know the bees' society and the stages of production and harvest of honey, both in Greek and in English. In addition, by acting on one hand as beekeepers, they painted and placed the cells, observed the colonies and produced honey and wax. On the other hand, acting as protagonists of their action on the other hand, they took the lead in the production of a documentary about the bees and honey. The educational activity was completed with the use of technologies to create an illustrated digital Greek-English dictionary, aiming to help them learn the basic terminology of the bees in English.  


Interesting facts

The participation of the wider society in the individual events has contributed to the better integration of the school in the wider society and development of cooperation and solidarity relations. The final results of the present activity was a video-documentary showing the knowledge gained by the students through their participation in this activity, as well as a digital illustrated Greek-English dictionary. 

Teacher Coordinator: Konstantina Voitsiou


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