Programme "Learning Together"

Grandma’s trove

All-day Kindergarten of Chora Andros


Grandma's trove is a cultural program related to tradition and all areas and aspects of everyday life in the past, present and future; from lullabies, songs and fairytales to womens' daily activities (cooking, loom, embroidery) and professions. The main objective was respect, acceptance and continuance of tradition. Students have experienced, explored and acknowledged aspects of everyday life in the past and compared them to the present. 


Interesting facts

Parents and the local community were involved in all areas of the project. Grandparents told old stories and fairytales, talked about the games of their time and sang them lullabies. On the students' own initiative, the Museum of Folk Tradition was established in the school's shared area where other schools of the island were guided. 

Teacher Coordinator: Vaia Krania


84500 Andros

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