Programme "Learning Together"

Discovering lychnitis, the famous marble of Paros. A tour of the students to the ancient quarries and museums of Greece and abroad that host sculptures of the marble of Paros.

Primary School of Lefkes-Kostos, Paros


The purpose of this educational activity was to give the students the chance to get to know and understand the importance of garnet and how it was the reason for the island's economic growth, as well as the evolution of sculpture in Paros in ancient times. Furthermore, the students may get to know the sculptures and the most famous sculptors who used the marble of Paros. The expected outcome of this program is to inform students on the history of that era through the marble of Paros, recognize its importance and try to convey the value of the existence of quarries to Greek and foreign visitors of Paros. 


Interesting facts

A key stimulus for the implementation of the educational program was the existence of an ancient quarry in Marathi, where the extraction of the famous garnet was performed. 

Teacher Coordinator: Marialena Panagaki

84400 Lefkes Paros

Tel.: +30 22840 41 643

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