Programme "Learning Together"

Astypalea Musicland

Kindergarten of Astypalea


In kindergartens, music may be the tool to achieve many of the objectives set at the beginning of the school year, because it permeats all subject matters without losing its playful nature. In this context, a music educational program was implemented, aiming to create an Orff orchestra.


Interesting facts

In 2014, the recycling program was launched and many events took place aiming to promote recycling and raise awareness. Students worked hard on the musical show named "There was a small piece of paper" and presented part of if during the event organized by the Municipality of Astipalaia on the day the blue bins were placed on the island. In this way, kindergarten students acted as active members of their society, assuming responsibilties towards society, which helped them develop cooperation skills and improve their self-image.  

Teacher Coordinator: Dimitra Antoniou

85900 Astypalea

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