Programme "Learning Together"

Artistic collaboration between general and special education pupils. A co-education attempt.

Special Primary School of Ermoupolis, Syros


This program was about the collaboration/coexistence of students from the Special Primary School of Ermoupolis, Syros, and the C2 class of the 6th Primary School of Ermoupolis, Syros. This collaboration had two main purposes: At first, using the method of exercises and processes based on the experiential education model, the purpose of this intervention was to enhance the students' social and communicative skills, to develop their personality, to empower them in school, as well as to create conditions which enhance children's creativity and imagination, strengthen their mental health in the educational environment and eliminate social exclusion. Furthermore, by using art activities, our aim was to create equal cooperation conditions between students with different learning skills, since art constitutes a more flexible subject matter as to the learning process that motivates them.     


Interesting facts

The dominant innovative element of this educational activity was the endeavor of the coexistence of two learning populations, in terms of partnership and co-shaping. This activity is a psychosocial intervention, which aimed to prevent social stigma as regards diversity, not only for children with special educational needs but also for disabled people and for all those social groups who are targeted and marginalized.

Teacher Coordinator: Despina Matsika

Taxiarchon and Evgenia Lazaroglou St.

84100 Syros

Τηλ.: 22810 80 003

Φαξ: 22810 80 003