Programme "Learning Together"

Alternative-Organic agriculture and sustainable development

Primary School of Vivlos, Naxos


The environmental program called "Alternative-Organic agriculture and sustainable development" aimed to bring students close to the organic products and recognize their nutritional and environmental value. Through experiential activities and visits, students were given the chance to learn how to recognize organic products, be informed on their cultivation stages by experts and participate in the production by planting, caring for and cultivating their own organic products in the school's specially designed garden created for this purpose.


Interesting facts

The students did not know about the existence of organic products. To be certified as organic, products must come from crops and processing facilities which have been certified as organic.

Teacher Coordinator: Thanasis Sideris


84300 Naxos

Tel.: +30 22850 41 304

Fax: +30 22850 41 304 (in Greek)