Publication "In school I forget about prison"

Kostas Magos, Lecturer in Transcultural Education, University of Thessaly - Kaleidoscope Publications


The 33rd Primary School of Volos operates, since 2010, within the Juvenile Prison of Volos, Greece. The students of the School originate from different countries and most of them have limited or no knowledge of the Greek language, therefore teaching and learning Greek constitutes one of the main priorities of the School.

The publication "In school I forget about prison" was a result of the transcultural educational programme aiming at the teaching of Greek as a foreign language, which took place at the primary school. It is a sythesis of stories and experiences narrated by eight students, migrants from Pakistan. The book was presented at the workshop entitled "Imprisonment and Education", held at Volos on the 1st of June 2013.

You can go through the stories of the students at the following link (in Greek).




Interesting facts

Studies suggest that the participation in specially designed educational activities at detention centres has a positive impact on the inmates and contributes to their reintegration into society. Over the last few years, many prisons all over the world have been developing focused educational programmes and interventions. 

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