Purchase of Musical Instruments

The "Kapodistrias" Philharmonic Union of Corfu



The “Kapodistrias” Philharmonic Union of Corfu is amongst the principal and largest music - cultural associations of the island, its purpose being to maintain, improve and disseminate the cultural elements of the region, both within and beyond the geographical boundaries of Corfu. The main objective is to implement activities of an educational and artistic nature. The key component is the interaction with the local community, accomplished mainly through the participation of people of all ages and regardless of educational and economic status.

In 2016, the Foundation supported the operation of the association by funding the purchase of musical instruments (oboe, alto clarinet and alto saxophones) which are used for educational purposes in the school of woodwind instruments, and artistically in the musical ensembles of the Philharmonic.

The Union’s educational work is very important, because of the different programmes which are offered gratis. The schools that are in operation are as follows: preschool musical education, theory, advanced theory, music history, morphology, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, computer music and music technology with modern audiovisual equipment.

Besides the band, additional musical sections are in operation such as the Piccolo Bandina, the Bandina, the orchestra of light and variety music, the show band, the all-brass ensemble, the woodwind ensemble and the percussion ensemble. The Philharmonic performs at least five concerts per year, the winter season at the Municipal Theatre of Corfu and the summer season in the square, with classical music works, excerpts from operas and operettas, etc. During the past decade the Philharmonic has collaborated with internationally renowned artists and participated in international festivals in Greece and abroad.

In addition, an annual competition is conducted with performances of musical works involving the different sections of the Philharmonic, international seminars on specific instruments and masterclasses in conducting, all taking place at the Union’s premises.



Interesting facts

  • More than 100 children each year attend the courses offered by the music schools of the Philharmonic.
  • The main body of the Band comprises in total around 220 musicians.

Agion Pateron 13

Corfu 49100

Contact number: 26610 43435

Fax: 26610 43904