Excavation of the Acropolis of Ancient Molykreio, Aitolia

The Archaeological Society at Athens



Since 2016 the excavation in the citadel of ancient Molykreio has been integrated into the Archaeological Society at Athens’ excavation programme. The work of ten seasons of excavation have brought to light important architectural remains and artefacts, which are of great interest both for the history of the sanctuary and for the culture of ancient Aetolia, assisting as they do in identifying the site with ancient Molykreio, known from reports by ancient writers of the temple of Poseidon. Portable artefacts also testify to the existence of a second religious cult at the site, one of worship of the goddess Athena.


In 2016 excavations, conducted with funding primarily from the Foundation, focused on the double gallery east of the great temple. Most of the gallery was excavated and has yielded some interesting information.


Everything shows that the gallery is directly connected with the stadium, where games in honor of Poseidon would take place. The existence of a stadium in the sanctuary means that its sphere of influence was bigger than what we had in mind until now. It is important to note that it is the only stadium found in Aetolia and Akarnania, even though many cities and sanctuaries have been excavated.


  • 21 people were employed on the excavation, with the Foundation’s funding.
  • The Archaeological Society at Athens is conducting excavations, on an annual basis, at 20 archaeological sites. 


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