Exhibition "Battleship Georgios Averof (1911-2011)"

Hellenic Maritime Museum


Celebrating 100 years since the integration of the Battleship in the Navy, the Hellenic Maritime Museum organises an exhibition with paintings by Greek artists inspired by the battleship “Averof” and its participation in the Balkan Wars.

The exhibition includes paintings by important artists, such as Vasileios Chatzis, Emilios Prosalentis, Lykourgos Kogevinas, Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos etc. who illustrated the Balkan Wars’ naval operations and the participation of Greece in the World Wars I,II. At the same time, as part of the exhibition, educational programs for primary and college students will take place, as well as tours to organised groups of adults.
The exhibition’s opening took place on October 5th 2011.  

The John S.Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, in support of the initiative that highlights a significant aspect of the history of the Greek Navy, partially funded the publication entitled “The battleship Georgios Averof 1911-2011: History and Art”.    


Interesting facts

Most of the artists whose works are exhibited whitnessed the historical events that the "Averof" took part in as they served as authorized visual correspondents. 

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