Child Welfare

The Child Welfare issue area focuses on ιmprovement and increase of social service provision for minors and funding of challenging projects that target highly vulnerable populations.

The Foundation funds a wide range of initiatives that support children from pediatric free clinics to heating fuel programmes for orphanages or core costs of children's hospices, unaccompanied minor shelters and at risk youth centers.

The child welfare grants primarily cover basic needs such as immunizations, healthcare, food, shelter and specialized services however recreational and educational programmes are funded like summer camps, educational and cultural programs for underprivileged youth.

As many child welfare institutions are experiencing budget cuts and facing sustainability threats, we are constantly striving to support creative, small-scale, grassroots projects with an emphasis on deinstitutionalisation. Efficient foster care programme initiatives and multi-service provider facilities are of particular interest for our grant-making strategy in this issue area.