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John S. Latsis Ileians Scholarships Foundation: Call for Scholarship Applications for the academic year 2010-2011

Call for Scholarship Applications

The John S. Latsis Ileians’ Scholarships Foundation will award for the Academic Year 2010–2011 thirty (30) new undergraduate and three (3) new postgraduate scholarships for students to attend Greek institutions of higher learning. Specifically, it will grant:

Undergraduate Scholarships

a. Twenty eight (28) scholarships to first-year students who are of Ileian descent and, preferably, graduated from a secondary school in Ileia Prefecture. The primary criterion will be their university admission examination points, although certain financial, social, and other criteria set by the Foundation Board of Directors will also be reviewed.

b. Two (2) scholarships to students in their second year or later who are of Ileian descent and, preferably, graduated from a secondary school in Ileia Prefecture, were not selected as Foundation scholars in their first year of studies, received a minimum average grade of 8.5 during the previous academic year(s) and have completed all their courses.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Three (3) scholarships to Foundation scholars who graduated with a minimum grade of eight (8) on their degree.

Application Submission

Applications for both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, along with all necessary supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Foundation Secretariat (Xenias 4, 145 62 Kifissia) no later than Friday October 15, 2010.

For detailed information, please visit the Foundation website or communicate directly with the Secretariat either by phone at 210–80.10.331, 210–80.10.540 or e-mail at

The Foundation Board of Directors