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Funding for Relocation of National Theatre Drama School

Funding for Relocation of  National Theatre Drama School


At the official press conference of the National Theatre of Greece, which was held yesterday, Artistic Director, Mr. Stathis Livathinos, announced the relocation of the Drama School to the “Irene Papas - Athens School” and the creation of a Department of Theatre Directing.


Mrs. Marianna Latsis has helped the National Theatre along the way with various donations over the years, in the memory of actor Nikos Kourkoulos. Her most recent intervention, through the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, aims to improve the Greek theatrical education by relocating the Drama School to the multi-purpose venue "School", located at 52 Piraeus Street in Athens, and to establish the new Department of Theatre Directing. The purpose underlying this initiative of the National Theatre of Greece is to create a hub of education and creativity in a unique and symbolically loaded site, in order to meet the contemporary needs of current and future students of the theatrical art.


The Latsis Foundation, true to its long tradition of supporting actions that promote arts and culture in our country, has undertaken the task to fund all planning, design and restoration works of the main premises of the "School". The works are expected to be completed by mid-October 2017, when the site will be ready to host new and upcoming actors and directors.