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Athens Lessons

Athens Lessons

Author : H. Gugger, G. Kerschbaumer and G. Menzel (Eds.)
Year Published : 2011
©Copyright : Laboratoire de la production d’ architecture (lapa), Institut d’ architecture, Faculté ENAC, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2011
ISBN : 978-3-033-03113-5
Publisher : EPFL, Lausanne
Pages : 244

Athens is a singular case among European capitals. With over 4 million people, it is large for European standards, particularly given the size of Greece with its 11 million inhabitants. Unlike many other European capitals that grew more continuously, modern Athens did so explosively with each immigrant wave, since it became the capital of the new independent Greece in 1834. Today, a new immigrant wave as well as significant economic difficulties, once again mark a decisive periods in Athens development.

This publication draws attention to Athens' characteristics, problems and potentials. On this basis, the authors develop a masterplan for the city of Athens, which outlines a roadmap for future development. A series of architectural projects centred on "Architecture of Integration" illustrate the proposed masterplan complemented by a series of texts by different experts. 

This work was conceived as a result of the collaboration between Laboratoire de la production d’ architecture (LAPA) at EPFL and the Faculty of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens.