European Young Leaders Programme  

Friends of Europe


For a second time, the Foundation supported the European Young Leaders Programme organised by the Brussels-based think tank “Friends of Europe”.


Every year, 40 young leaders up to forty years of age from politics, business, civil society, the arts, the media and academia meet together to engage in open discussions. The programme aims at producing a new generation of European leaders, putting forward a European approach to international problems and contributing to the creation of efficient European governance.


Participants in the programme are selected by Friends of Europe’s Board of Trustees, with the participation of 11 former prime ministers. Two seminars are organised, each lasting three days and taking place in European cities of symbolic significance such as Brussels, Rome, Berlin, etc. There is also participation in these seminars from strategic partners, people in decision-making positions and pivotal European bodies to discuss issues of common interest and generate concrete proposals for addressing the challenges facing Europe and its citizens.


  • To date the European Young Leaders network numbers approximately 200 participants from forty countries



Rue de la Science, 4

1000 – Brussels