Programme "Learning Together"


11th Primary School of Nikaia


This programme focused on developing the children's social skills and strengthening social acceptance, with the ultimate goal of preventing social violence among peers. Through innovative experiential and digital games based on prosociality, an in-depth analysis took place of the characteristics of social violence at school and how to cope with it. As a result, the foundations were laid for improving student relations and creating opportunities for collaboration, in order to share and work together for a common goal. At the end of the project, the pupils had cooperated as a team to carry out a common task that was made public in the broader community through a presentation at the school in the last week before the end of the school year.


Through the programme, children were taught to respect the rules of the game, which will help the transition from the roles of players or viewers to organised social roles with rules and, ultimately, will contribute to their development as active citizens.


The positive results that emerged from the implementation of the games were the active participation of pupils and the assumption of responsibility, both for the conduct of the games and for their final presentation. In addition, the relationship among pupils and between pupils and teachers was strengthened, resulting in better communication and trust.


Grades that participated in the activity: 3rd and 6th Grades

Number of participating pupils: 73

P. Ralli 432

18451 Nikaia

Τ: 210 4912873, 210 4257448