Programme "Learning Together"


93th Primary School of Athens



Due to the intense anxiety they face when decoding the written code, as well as the feelings of disappointment and frustration that accumulate during the learning process, dyslexic children are often driven to withdrawal, to attracting attention in a negative manner and to antisocial and delinquent behavior in school and in the broader social environment. While people with dyslexia seem to have a need for visualisation and enhanced imagination, they often reject any aid for using the written code as a communication medium. Gradual alienation from the books - either as a learning medium or as means of entertainment - is evident. For this reason, the web page was created for pupils with dyslexia and reading difficulties between 9 and 13 years of age. It includes articles structured according to the "EasytoRead" method and is entirely fashioned using the OpenDyslexicGreek font in blue-black color on a white-ecru background. The page allows free download of the dyslexie font in order to be installed on a computer and contains free online books. The pupils were enthusiastic about the page’s content and the possibilities it offered for their studies while, by participating in the page layout, they had the opportunity to get a different perspective on the challenges they face.


Grades that participated in the activity: 1st and 2nd Integration Classes

Number of participating pupils: 73


Pitheou 9

117 43 Ν.Κόσμος

Τ: 2109231030