Programme "Learning Together"

The 4th Primary School narrates moments from the past in Xanthi

4th primary school of Xanthi


Research and recording of the school building's history dating from 1930, was a way to help the students be informed about the town's history. The objective was the operation of a school museum inside school. The students travelled to the past through the historical archive and buildings of the past. 


Interesting facts

With this action, the students were better informed about their school, which was built on a historical moment for Xanthi, when refugees arrived. They practiced in research and approach of the subject through identification and comparison of a wide range of sources. The operation of the school Museum, as a means to save cultural material, brought positive comments in the place's society. 

Teacher Coordinator: Irine Nestoroudi

1, Perikleous St.

67100 Xanthi

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