The Journey of Food” Documentary Series

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Filming of the documentary series entitled “The Journey of Food” continued in 2016. A project of the Anemon Productions creative team with the scientific support and exclusive funding from the Foundation that was screened on SKAI channel in May 2017.


The series deals with issues such as the evolution of food, utensils and eating habits in Greece over the centuries, the influences from other cultures, the food of ordinary people in antiquity and in Byzantium, the relationship between the Arabs, the Ottomans, the Italians and the French with Greek cuisine, truths and falsehoods concerning “the Mediterranean diet”, etc. The series includes interviews with prominent Greek and foreign scientists and scholars, researchers and nutrition experts, illuminating unknown aspects of the subject through an interdisciplinary approach to the development of foods and cooking.


The five hour-long episodes present five corresponding historical periods (prehistory, classical antiquity and Roman times, Byzantium, the Ottoman years – modern Greece, and 20th century Greece up to the present day).  The material is based on extensive primary research involving a large group of scientists from Greece and abroad and including rare material from film archives. Realistic historical representations were designed for each period and original music was composed as an accompaniment to the entire series. 

All 5 episodes are available online:

1st episode

2nd episode

3rd episode

4th episode

5th episode


Interesting facts

In all, there was 200 hours of filming in nine different countries, including 108 interviews with scientists from different specialisations.


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